Bachelorette Party

If you have recently been chosen as a bride's maid of honor, then you should be greatly honored by that. It means, after all, that the bride trusts you more than anyone else to be by her side during her most difficult and trying times. Because, while she is planning for an event that will undoubtedly be the most magical and memorable night of her life, it can be extremely stressful. Think about it, she has so many things on her mind such as guest lists, menus for the dinner, hairstylists, which dress to buy, and so on and so forth. As the maid of honor, it is your job to make sure that she remains as stress free as possible throughout the whole wedding planning process. In order to do this, you should accompany her to registry meetings, dress fittings, and so on, and you should also plan events that will help keep her stress down such as visits to the spa, massage parlor dates, and even a night out to the bar on the weekends. These can all be fantastic ways to make sure that the bride to be remains happy and excited throughout the wedding planning process, but the number one duty of the maid of honor is to plan a bachelorette party.

Bachelorette parties are an age old companion of the wedding. They are incredibly vital to the whole process, as it gives the bride to be that one final night to celebrate being an unmarried woman. It can be one of the most exciting nights of a bride's life, and it allows her to really let her hair down and have a fantastic time. However, most people have never had to plan a bachelorette party before so they often don't even know where to begin. This often leads to the maid of honor going with the first things that come to her mind, and often chaos ensues and the result is a poorly planned bachelorette party. This can be a major bummer, especially when the bride to be is expecting this grandiose event that will make all of the hard work she's been doing alleviated a bit. Don't plan a bachelorette party that doesn't live up to the hype! Many don't realize that the best way to plan a good bachelorette party is by figuring out the best venue for the event, and more specifically, the best venues.

Choosing the right venues for the bachelorette party can really make or break the whole event. The night should be all about the bride being able to get together with all of her friends and painting the town red, by going to clubs, bars, casinos, you name it! The night should have a unique mix of events that are reflective of the bachelorette's unique personality. However, one major problem with planning an event with multiple venues is transportation. When you have to worry about transportation with bachelorette parties, you have to worry about assigning multiple designated drivers, which can be enough of a pain, and then those designated drivers have to split the group into multiple vehicles, and then each of those vehicles needs to navigate directions and often terrible traffic and parking situations. All of this can be so much of a pain to deal with, and at the end of the day, the bachelorette is being cramped into a vehicle and not being given much leeway to have a good time at all! However, a great way to circumvent all of these issues is by renting a luxury vehicle, particularly a party bus!

Party Buses are awesome vehicles that are great for events like bachelorette parties. They allow you to head to all of your planned venues in an efficient and fun way. While you are on your way to the next venue, you and your party will be able to enjoy all of the great amenities and features inherent in a party bus such as the plush leather seats, the mood setting color changing LED lights, the concert quality premium speakers, the hardwood floors and dancing poles for dancing and going wild, the several flat screen televisions with CD and DVD playing capabilities, and the granite covered bar areas with fully functional coolers on the inside that can store whatever drinks you may like. This means that it is completely legal to drink alcohol on board of party buses, which can really turn the party up to the next level.

Planning a bachelorette party can be one of the most important aspects of the maid of honor's duties. Don't let yourself plan a party that doesn't live up to the hype. Rent a party bus and make sure that the party that you're planning is the best ever!