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Deciding upon the right party venue can be a difficult task that's oftentimes even more difficult than the process of planning the party itself, but it is truly the most important facet to the party planning process, without a doubt. This is because if you do pick the wrong venue than you will end up being stuck having a party that is disjointed, awkward, and just generally a disaster from the very start. However, by following the article below, you will be happy to find that you will be well-equipped to plan for the perfect party, wherein everyone in attendance will be comfortable as well as excited to be in attendance of this fantastic party.

The first thing you must do is identify what kind of party it is that you are throwing. For example, if you are throwing a child's birthday party then you might be best suited holding the party in a backyard of a private residence or a Chuck E. Cheese's. If you are holding a corporate event or an end-of-the-year extracurricular awards ceremony and dance then you might be best suited for holding the event at a banquet or reception hall. Perhaps you are throwing a family reunion and need to rent out a space at a public park. Whatever the case may be, it is vital that you know just what kind of party it is that you are having, as well as what kind of guest base you will have in attendance. How many people will you have at the party? How old will they be? Knowing these factors will aid you immensely in knowing what size venue you need to be considering. You need to be sure that the venue that you decide upon isn't too small, or you will run the risk of the event being too small and your guests beginning to feel claustrophobic. On the flip side, however, if you decide upon a venue that is too large for your purposes then you run the risk of your guests feeling too spread out and awkward. Obviously, either of these scenarios can completely spoil the fun and energy of any party, so it is paramount that you know how much space you need for your party.

The next step is to consider your additional needs such as food, equipment, and parking. Do you need the venue to provide food, or do you plan on having the event catered? What about audio-visual equipment? Do you plan on playing music, or showing a picture slideshow, or giving any sorts of speeches? What about the layout of the room? Do you need the venue to be flexible to the point of providing the option of changing the layout mid-event in order to make room for dancing or other activities? Do you need a venue that has public parking, or ones that will allow for a valet service, or has their own in-house valet service? These are all things to consider when planning the extra needs for the event.

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