NYC Party Bus Events

Whether you need classy transportation for your group of friends or family or you want a New York party bus to hold your birthday or stag parties, our company can provide all of that and more. Let's put it this way, we have never met an event that our service can't take into the stratosphere.

Our carefully designed and modern buses give you an assurance of a comfortable and convenient transport from your point of origin to the place of your destination. You don't have to drive your own vehicle and hurdle the traffic, with us, you and your group of friends or officemates can chat, have fun, or party inside the bus as we take you to your destinations

We offer the perfect Party Bus for the following events:

New York Festivals

Eradicate the problem of looking for parking areas during important festivals in New York. Ride on one of our Party Buses together with up to 35 of your friends and enjoy the event without one problem.

New York Sporting Events

We can take you and your friends or family to the sporting venue you want. Don't miss the game because you spend too much time looking for a parking area. You will love the fact that we will drop you off near the stadium and pick you right back up as near that location as possible.

Birthday Parties
Yes, for kids and adults alike, our agents can tailor-fit a birthday party for your group of friends inside our well-designed and fully-equipped party buses. Read about one of them below.

Weddings and Dates

We can transform the interior design of our bus into a romantic and cozy luxury transportation solution. Spend an entertaining night out with your wedding party or with a group of friends for your bachelor party, or share that memorable moment with your partner. Whatever your mood is, the light and music inside the bus or limo can be altered to suit the occasion.

Family Tours

Enjoy the view of New York City - where the skyline is superb and the scenery is just wonderful - as one of our unbelieveable vehicles take you to the perfect spots and beautiful locations.

Custom Party Bus

If you have a party in mind that does not fit in any of the events mentioned above, give us a call so we can discuss your event. Our super customer service representatives can tailor the interior design of a party bus to suit your needs. All of our team members are dedicating to ensuring that your experience with us is an unforgettable and pleasant one. Rely on service, quality and professionalism that only we can offer.