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NYC Party Bus FAQ

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Below are some of the most frequently asked questions from our customers. If you need more information about our vehicles or services, check our website or contact us. We are available 24.7.

  • Can I drink in the buses?

    If you are of legal drinking age, then absolutely!

  • Can I add some decorations and designs inside the bus to make my party more personalized?

    Yes, in fact, our fabulous staff will even assist you in your personalized decorations.

  • Are your drivers trained to handle customers? Do they have the right experience?

    We strictly screen and train our drivers to ensure that they do not endanger the lives of our customers. We also have them undergo training in customer courtesy, etiquette, and remind them always of customer privacy.

  • Where can the bus take us?

    As long as you stay within the bounds of your contract time, you can travel as far as you want to. Also, we accept bookings for parties outside New York depending on the availability of our buses.

  • Do we have to bring our own food and drinks?

    Yes, customers bring their own food and drinks. We provide the cooler, the ice and some drinking glasses as well as other dining utensils upon request.

  • Can I check the interior of your bus before availing of your services?

    Depending on the availability of the buses, yes, we encourage our prospective customers to personally check out our vehicles.

  • Do you have tie ups with the different bars and restaurants in New York?

    Yes, we do have special tie ups with various establishments around New York. Give us a call so we can discuss this further.

  • Can people smoke on the vehicles?

    No, with the goal of keeping our fleet as pristine as possible, we do not allow smoking. However, your contract states that you can have unlimited miles and unlimited stops. That means you can take as many smoke breaks as you want.

  • At what times are your services available?

    Very simply, 24/7.

  • Do you have have restrooms on board?

    No, we made the decision that we would keep our vehicles as clean and good smelling as possible and in turn allow you to tell your driver any time that you want to stop for a restroom break.

  • What if we want to go over the number of hours that we rented?

    We have no problem with that as long as your vehicle doesn't have to be back to take another run. As long as that is not the case, you can go as long as you want to and will be charged at the rate that you agreed to.

  • What kind of entertainment features have been installed?

    This is the part that is going to knock your socks off. We have installed some of the most amazing amenities. The party will start when you step on board and see the LED color changing lights.But wait until you hear the premium sound system with subwoofers and IPod/MP3 inputs. For those that move to move around, the dance floor complete with dancing pole will do quite nicely. And multimedia abounds with high definition screens with DVD capabilities. And we can't forget about the granite top bar areas with built-in coolers of ice for your favorite drinks.

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